VFX Services

  • script breakdown

    Script breakdown and solution planning are extremely important and valuable stages in a project's early development. By examining a script, our Visual Effects Supervisor can efficiently outline your production's VFX concerns, needs and trouble spots. The ability to identify pre-production problems and resolve them with creative solutions, well before production begins, can give any production the head-start it needs to be cost effective and trouble free.

  • pre visualization

    Pre-visualization is an essential tool within the VFX arsenal. Pre-Viz is not strictly used for VFX conception, it is also used for non VFX scenes. In both cases pre-viz allows Directors to experiment and to find the most efficient and dramatic way to block, light, choreograph and shoot key moments within the story, without incurring actual production costs.

  • on-set supervision

    If your production contains visual-effects shots, then an experienced Visual Effects Supervisor is an essential member of your 'on-set' film crew. A Visual Effects Supervisor will make sure that your VFX shot's set-ups will be efficiently executed to avoid introducing more costs into the post-production stage of your project. An on-set Visual Effects Supervisor will provide immediate advice and guidance for the Director and his/her film crew during principal photography and insure that the production is creatively flexible and cost efficient.

  • digital matte painting

    “The Invisible Art”, is an appropriate title for the tried and true artistic technique that has been used since the beginning of film production. Matte painting is a constantly evolving art that gives film makers greater and wider creative choices. Sets, environments or worlds can be expanded or created entirely from your imagination and give your production visual power, subtlety, or dynamic beauty.

  • 3D animation

    3D animation will open the door of creativity for your production and bring added dimension and flexibility to your storytelling. 3D animation will also help you overcome any limitations you may encounter with practical props, sets, or characters. When construction of an enormous set is beyond your time and budget, or when animatronics won't give you the performance you need a 3D solution will solve these problems and give you back your creative control.

  • digital compositing

    Digital compositing is an essential tool in the VFX production process and is used in almost every contemporary film. Digital compositing can be used to expand sets and locations, populate shots with props and/or characters. Digital Composting can even be used to re-envision an entire scene. Pix Ray's compositing pipeline is supported by Eon's Digital Fusion software which gives us the ability to meet your production's most challenging demands and introduce an infinite number of creative possibilities.

  • camera tracking (digital camera match moving)

    Digital Camera tracking is a technology that gives us the ability to reconstruct on-set camera settings and positions to be used in digital environments. Camera tracking is a commonly used procedure when digital elements are incorporated into any previously filmed action.